Brian Cunningham Transport UK stands as a leading provider of bulk liquid transport services, extending our reach throughout the UK, Ireland, and Europe. With a firm footing in the lubricants industry, we specialise in delivering tailored transport solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. From standard bulk liquid deliveries to specialized IBC mini bulk services, we excel in providing efficient and reliable transportation solutions.

In our ongoing commitment to enhance our services, we are proud to announce the addition of our new 3 compartment tanker to our fleet, scheduled to commence operations in June 2024. This tanker comes equipped with advanced technologies including a meter and printer, ensuring precise and accurate deliveries with every shipment. Our tankers are designed with insulation and steam coils, enabling us to maintain optimal product conditions even for the most sensitive and delicate goods during transit. With generous capacities, our tankers facilitate maximum payloads, allowing for the transportation of substantial quantities in a single journey.

Our dedication to efficiency extends to the unloading process, facilitated by either compression or hydraulic pumps, ensuring a seamless and swift operation. Furthermore, we’ve recently expanded our fleet to include a Multiport Tanker tailored specifically for the lubricants industry. Boasting 7 compartments and a capacity of 30,000 liters, this tanker is ideally suited for transporting various grades of lubricants. Equipped with a meter, it offers accurate readings for clients who require to maintain the records.

At Brian Cunningham Transport UK we have modern fleet, complemented by our team of experienced and highly skilled professionals, guarantees the safe, efficient, and punctual delivery of your goods. Whether you require transportation of ADR products, lubricants, or any other bulk liquid, you can trust us to deliver with precision and reliability.

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